• Ariska Fitria Lailatul Marifah Universitas PGRI Ronggolawe Tuban
  • Agus Wardhono Universitas PGRI Ronggolawe Tuban



Deixis; Motivation speech; Pragmatics


Language is an activity that people do to express their feelings and to communicate with others in their daily activities, primarily in socializing with people around them. Pragmatics is a branch of linguistics, it used to look at the hidden meaning of words or utterances; pragmatics focuses on how meaning is constructed in a particular context. Deixis is a pragmatic study that focuses on phrases or expressions that can refer to a person, place, or time depending on certain conditions. Deixis can be found in everyday life, as long as it uses the language. In this case, the researchers focuses on the use of deixis in Steve Harvey's motivational speech. This study aims to find the types of deixis used and the dominant type of deixis in Steve Harvey's motivational speech. In the scope of the research, the researchers limited the study by selecting some motivational speech videos from The Official Steve Harvey YouTube channel. The researchers used a descriptive-qualitative approach to find the deixis used in Steve Harvey’s motivational speech. The researchers used theory from Levinson (1983) to answer research questions. The results show that the researchers found five types in Steve Harvey's motivational speeches, including person deixis 360 (63.27%), spatial deixis 56 (9.84%), temporal deixis 54 (9.49%), discourse deixis 53 (9.31%), and social deixis 46 (8.08%). Then it was found that the dominant type in Steve Harvey's motivational speeches was person deixis, with a total of 360 (63.27%).


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