Masculinity in Isinga by Dorothea Rosa Herliany


  • Wadji


novel, masculinity, woman, violence, Isinga, Dorothea Rosa Herliany


In various cultures on this earth, there are still many positions of women who have not been placed
equal to men. Men still have dominance in everyday life. We can also read about this in many literary works
in circulation. Isinga's novel, written by Dorothea Rosa Herliany, is one of the literary works that tells about
the domination of men over women's lives. In this study, the researcher wanted to describe the dominance
carried out by men in everyday life in this novel with a Papuan cultural background. This research use
desciptive qualitative approach. The researcher based Piere Bourdieu's perspective, which in the big picture
includes the social construction of the body, the incorporation of domination, symbolic violence, women in
the economy of symbolic assets, and virility and violence. The results obtained in this study are that Papuan
women cannot fight their men, in fact they have to tend to be silent in everything. A good woman is a
woman who is silent. When they made contact with other immigrant tribes, they were surprised to see a wife
who was fighting her husband. Irewa can continue to exist without fighting adat, and he becomes an example
for the women around him, and plays a role in lifting them from ignorance.


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