Measurement of Sound Noise Levels and Light Exposure in the Bedroom to Minimize Health Problems


  • E Purwanto
  • N N Mulyaningsih
  • D L Saraswati
  • T A Sari
  • R Ningsih
  • E Wiyanti
  • Nurizati


Sound level, light exposure, bedroom, luxmeter


Sleep is an activity to give our body and soul a short break. Sound levels and light exposure can affect
sleep quality. Therefore, this study aims to measure the level of sound noise and light exposure in the
bedroom, so that it can be a recommendation for sound levels and sound levels that are safe for the
bedroom. The research method was used to measure the sound intensity in the bedroom which was
generated from two sound sources, namely air conditioner (AC) and from the fan by using the Sound
Level Meter application, then the light intensity was also measured from two light sources, namely the
main lamp and light sleeper, each light source was measured using the Luxmeter application. The results
showed that the noise level from the air conditioner was 37-38 dB and the fan was 68-69 dB, while the
value of the light intensity level from the main lamp was 84 lux and from the night light was 0 lux.
Following the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), that the noise level in the
bedroom should not exceed 40 dB and a maximum light intensity level of 5 lux, then the results of the
study can be concluded that if you have to use a bedroom temperature controller, the use of AC is more
recommended than a fan and to get safe lighting, you should use a special lamp for sleeping.


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