Existence Of Slang Language In Indonesian


  • VDK Sari
  • A Mutmainah
  • W Mulyani


Exictence, Slang, Indonesian


Slang is the language used by a group of teenagers to communicate with their peers in informal situations. Slang is always regenerating, the slang of young people today is definitely different from that of the past, for example, the word kongkow in the 90s was changed to the word nongki in the 2000s which means gathering. This does not rule out the possibility that the following year will continue to change, depending on what young people see and hear. The purpose of this study is to describe the existence of slang in Indonesian. This research method focuses on qualitative descriptive methods, because what is being studied is the existence of slang in Indonesian. Researchers act as data collectors through library data collection and social media. This study focuses on how the impact of slang on the existence of Indonesian. In the results of this study, it was found, 1) the meaning of slang, 2) characteristics of slang, 3) factors that influence slang, 4) the existence of slang in Indonesian.


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