The Ability of students in Biology Education Program University of PGRI Ronggolawe in Implementing the Teaching Practice


  • Dede Nuraida


Teaching practice, partner school, learning design, teaching and learning process, tutor teacher, supervisor


The teaching practice is a major course that must be taken by all students in the Biology Education Program. This study aim to determine the ability of students of the Biology Education Program at the University of PGRI Ronggolawe in carrying out the teaching practice. The research subjects were all students who took teaching practice course in 2016 as many as 38 students. All students are distributed in three partner schools (SMPN 4, SMPN 5, and SMPN 7). The ability of students in carrying out this teaching practice namely in the aspects of the ability to make learning designs and the ability to carry out the teaching and learning process. Data collection techniques are carried out by analyzing documents in the form of student scores in teaching practice course. The scores is given by the supervisor and teacher mentor. The data was the average score obtained by students in the aspect of the ability to make learning designs and the ability to carry out the teaching and learning process. The data were then analyzed using quantitative descriptive techniques, by calculating the average scores for each aspects. The results of data analysis show that the average score of students in the aspect of the ability to make learning designs at SMPN 4, SMPN 5, and SMPN 7 are all in category A (very good) with their respective scores of 81,17; 80,14; and 80,07. While the ability, to carry out the teaching and learning process, all are in criterion A (very good), with the scocres in each of the schools SMPN 4, SMPN 5, and SMPN 7 respectively 80,79; 80,08; 80,28.


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