Lean Six Sigma Analysis For The Effort To Minimize Defect In Production Process Of Pasted Kraft Bag In Pt. X


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Lean Six Sigma approach, Sigma level, Non Value Added Activity (NVA)


PT. X is a limited company that produces cements paper bags. In the process of the cement bags production PT. X often has a mistake that cause defect because of the failure process. The aims of this study is to describe how to decrease product defect in a company. Based on the analysis, PT. X is at the level of 3.38 sigma which means the process ability to make product according to specification is not bad, but the company has to upgrade the process ability because it is still far from the sixth level of sigma. Besides it, PT. X has non value-added activities with total 30.5% of the whole production time too. Lean six sigma method approach is a systemic and systematic approach to identify and reduce waste by continuous increasing radically to achieve the sixth level of sigma. Based on the research has done, the research is about calculation for the sigma level of the company and reduction of the activity which is from 51 activities become 47 activities, so it means that there are 4 activities that is reduced.


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