Direct Speech Act on the “Bad Code” Short Movie by English Students University


  • M S Wiyanto
  • D M Sari


Bad Code, Direct Speech Act, Short Movie


The aim of this research is to explain the way direct speech act applied at characters’ interaction in Bad Code short movie. It focuses on types of direct speech act classified by George Yule, they are request, command, question and inform. The methodology used qualitative research with content analysis technique. The data of this research are the sentences that consist of direct speech act from the interaction of characters in the Bad Code short movie. The steps of collecting data were reading the script then marking the sentence that consist of direct speech act, categorize the data into the table, and make code in each category. The steps of analyzing data had done by three step, they are data reduction, data display, and making conclusion. The finding showed that the researcher found 20 sentences that consist of direct speech act. They are a sentence belong to request, 3 sentences belong to command, 9 sentences belong to question, and 7 sentences belong to inform. Refer to the result of this research, it can conclude that direct speech act is a speech that constructed when the structure and the function had relationship.


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