An Analysis Of Conflict And Main Character’s Personality In A Movie Me Before You


  • Ade Nur ‘Aini
  • Dyah Kurniawati
  • Ulfa Yuliasari


Conflict, Main Character, Personality, Movie


This study is intended to describe the conflict and main character’s personality in a movie Me Before You. It includes 1) conflict of the main character in a movie Me Before You 2) the main character’s personality described in a movie Me Before You. Descriptive qualitative method used in this study. The data in this study is a movie entitled Me Before You. In collecting the data using several steps such as watching and reading movie script, collecting and taking note, codifying, and listing. After the data was collected, the researcher continue to analyze the data through some steps such as identifying, classifying, describing the data, analyzing the data using William Kenney’s conflict theory and Sigmund Freud’ personality theory, drawing the conclusion and rechecking the conclution is appropriate enough to answer the statement problem.The result of this study indicated that there are two conflicts were faced by the main character such as internal and external conflict and three major system of personality such as Id, ego and superego. The researcher found that there were three conflicts of the internal conflict; Louisa Clark versus herself, and five external conflicts; two of them occurred in Louisa Clark versus William, the other two occur in Louisa Clark versus Patrick, and the last occur in Louisa versus nature. The researcher also found three major system with three Id, two ego, and two superego contained in the main character personality.


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