Analysis Of The Motivational Factors For Learning Biology Of SMA Negeri 4 Tuban Students In Online Learning (0n-Line) Through Q . Class


  • Sulistyono
  • Tabitha Sri Hartati Wulandari


Learning outcomes, online learning


Abstract: The background in this research is that since the COVID-19 pandemic, learning has been carried out online (on-line). The existence of disturbances in the learning process causes some changes to students which ultimately affect their learning motivation. Motivation is one of the important factors that affect learning outcomes. For this reason, a research was conducted with the aim of analyzing the motivational factors for learning Biology through the KelasQ application. The research subjects were 37 students of class XI IPA SMA N 4 Tuban. This type of research is Classroom Action Research, which is carried out in 2 cycles. The results of the study: (1) Cycle I learning process using class Q student motivation obtained 46% with low criteria (2) Cycle II obtained 90. % with good criteria. Thus, it can be concluded that online learning using Class Q can increase students' motivation to learn Biology at SMA Negeri 4 Tuban. The motivational components include attendance, paying attention, actively asking questions, enthusiastically answering, having a curiosity about the material given, working on individual questions, conducting discussions, reading from other sources, collecting assignments on time, trying to get the best value.


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