Improve speaking skills through storytelling methods in sixth-grade elementary school students


  • Dwi Retmawati
  • Moh. Mu’minin


Speaking skills, storytelling method


Speaking is a process of conveying information, ideas, or ideas from the speaker to the listener. Based on the initial survey the speaking ability of sixth-grade students was very low. This study aims to determine the improvement of speaking skills through the storytelling method to sixth-grade students of  SDN Kutorejo I. This research uses action research which is carried out in two cycles consisting of four stages, namely (plan, act, observe and reflect), with students' research subjects sixth-grade SDN Kutorejo I, totaling 38 students. Data collection techniques using observation, field notes, and documentation. Data analysis used quantitative descriptive analysis techniques on the results of the students' speaking ability test as an assessment instrument. Based on the results of data processing obtained through the results of research, it shows that active learning through the storytelling method has a positive impact in improving speaking skills, this can be seen in the first cycle (47,36 %), the second cycle ( 86,83%), classically having achieved mastery. So it can be concluded that learning with the storytelling method has a positive impact in improving students' speaking skills which are marked by an increase in student learning completeness. With the hope that teachers should train students more often, use interesting learning models related to speaking skills activities so that students do not feel bored in participating in the teaching and learning process..


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