Using Drama Techniques as Communicative Activities in Teaching English


  • Krishna Ika Saputra Universitas PGRI Ronggolawe Tuban


Drama Techniques, Communicative Activities


English language teaching which is done so far mostly fails in reaching its goals. Even after years of English teaching, the learners do not gain the confidence of using the language in and outside the class.

The purpose of English teaching is to create learners who are communicatively competent. Being communicatively competent means that the learners are able to use the language actively in real communication. To achieve this goal, teachers of English should provide instructional materials as well as situation in which students have the opportunity to produce the language in context. One of the possible ways is by applying drama techniques namely Role Questioning. Telephone Conversation and Thought Tracking.

Using drama to teach English results in real communication involving ideas, emotions, feelings appropriateness and adaptability; in short an opportunity to use language in operation which is absent in a conventional language class. In addition, the four skills can be covered with these activities.


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