Enlightened, Eclectic Approach in English Language Teaching


  • Christina Innocenti Tumiar Panggabean Universitas PGRI Ronggolawe Tuban


Method, Enlightened, Eclectic Approach, English Language Teaching


English language teachers need to explore what works and what does not work in a certain ELT context, applying what Brown (2001) names an enlightened, eclectic approach or a principled approach. They are suggested to explore all language teaching approaches or methods since no single approach or method is best suited for all teaching contexts. This paper also shows that up to the present the principles of Communicative Language Teaching is a generally acceptable norm in language teaching field which has been adopted in some current concepts of language teaching such as Learner-Centered Instruction, Cooperative and Collaborative Learning, Task-Based Instruction. Despite the well informed principles underlying CLT, teachers need to be aware of its implementation considering different contexts of teaching each teacher may face.


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