Integrating Grammar Into Task Based Learning


  • Risa Triassanti Universitas PGRI Ronggolawe Tuban


grammar, task based learning, communicative approach


Though grammatical competence is included as one important component of communicative competence, it is likely to be ignored in communicative teaching. It is implicitly taught in other skill such as speaking and reading. Grammar needs to be "packed" in different way that facilitates communicative situation. Therefore, grammar is not considered as the boring subject anymore. An alternative solution of this typical problem is integrating grammar explicitly using task based learning. Tasks based leaning can present grammar as the central topic in class. In these task, the process of learning is a process of obtaining information, dealing with information, analyzing problems and solving problems. The purpose of language learning is not just learning grammar knowledge, but the practical use of grammar knowledge. This paper attempts to explore the rational of teaching grammar through tasks, principles and classroom characteristics. It also provides lesson plan that is designed to bridge the gap between structural topic and meaningful activities.


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