Real World Tasks in The Teaching and Learning of English


  • Fathul Muin Universitas PGRI Ronggolawe Tuban


real world tasks, teaching, learning


The purpose of this paper is: 1) to contribute to the overall effectiveness of the learning process because the learners see the activity as relevant to their learning needs, and 2) to derive from authentic sources reflecting real world tasks to involve learners in the practical use of the language.

Real world tasks or target tasks are communicative acts the learners achieve through language in the world outside the classroom which involve learners in comprehending. manipulating, producing or interacting in the language while their attention is principally focused on meaning rather than forms. The priority is not the bits and pieces of language, but rather the functional purposes for which the language must be used.

The use of authentic materials and media can reinforce for students the direct relationship between the language classroom and the outside world. When lessons are centered on comprehending real world tasks, students tend to focus more on content and meaning rather than the language itself. This offers students a valuable source of language input, so that they are not being exposed only to the language presented by the text and the teacher. In addition, real world tasks increase motivation to learn in students as well as renew interest in the subject matter.


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